No Second Release For Man Nabbed In Notorious Walmart Incident

Three days after getting collared for a notorious public display of affection at Walmart, a Florida man remains jailed, apparently unable to post the small bond that would secure his freedom.

William Tyler Black, 28, was busted Tuesday afternoon for the now-famous incident involving a Sports Illustrated swimsuit publication, a “Star Wars” lightsaber, and bodily fluid expelled onto the toy aisle’s floor.

Sarasota County jail records show that Black, a substitute teacher who likely won’t see the inside of a classroom anytime soon, is being held in lieu of $2000 bond. A bail bondsman usually requires a defendant to post 10 percent of the bond amount in cash to secure their release.

Black is scheduled for an October 15 Circuit Court arraignment.

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Come on, won't someone give him a hand? So he can get a release? Sounds like he's already shot his entire wad...of cash, that is...