If You Build It, An Iowa City Man Will Kum & Go

An Iowa man has pleaded guilty to pleasuring himself outside a Kum & Go convenience store, according to court records.

After completing the lewd activity, Kenneth Lee Kelly, 55, departed for his nearby Iowa City residence, police charged.

In a written plea, Kelly, seen at right, recently copped to indecent exposure, a “serious misdemeanor.” A sentencing hearing has been set for August 15 at the Iowa City courthouse to “give the victim(s) the opportunity to attend and/or present a victim impact statement.”

Kelly could face up to a year in jail.

Kelly was busted last year after witnesses called 911 to report that “an unknown male had said sexual things to them and began masturbating in their presence” in front of the Kum & Go at 12:30 AM.

When questioned by police, Kelly--whose rap sheet includes theft and narcotics convictions--“claimed he wasn’t exposing himself,” but instead was just “scratching his genitals,” cops said.