Ohio Man Found With Hamsters In His Pockets Busted For Petland Burglary

JULY 9--An Ohio man who today allegedly burglarized a Petland store and set loose some animals was found with several hamsters stuffed in his pockets when cops discovered him sleeping--in a leopard-print onesie--outside a nearby business.

Matthew Pancake, 31, was arrested this morning for breaking into several stores in Columbus, according to cops.

When investigators arrived outside the pet store, they found dogs, birds, bunnies, and a hamster in the parking lot outside. Some other small animals were still unaccounted for late this morning.

In addition to Petland, Pancake is accused of breaking the front door glass and entering a Roosters restaurant and a shoe store.

Officers found Pancake--who has an extensive rap sheet--asleep near a Big Lots store. A police frisk turned up the purloined rodents.

Charged with vandalism and breaking and entering, both felonies, Pancake was booked into the Franklin County jail after being treated at a local hospital for injuries he apparently suffered during the predawn break-ins.

Pancake is scheduled for arraignment tomorrow in Franklin County Municipal Court.