Drug Dealer Who Complained That Selling Meth Was "Hard Work" Will Now Do Hard Time

The Illinois drug dealer who complained to police that “selling methamphetamine is hard work” has been sentenced to three years in state prison following her guilty plea to a pair of felony narcotics charges.

Lindsey Lowery, 33, was sentenced last month for peddling meth from a home in Swansea, a village about 10 miles east of St. Louis. At the time of Lowery’s arrest last August, she was living in the residence in return for meth provided to the homeowner (who pleaded guilty earlier this year to a felony possession rap and was sentenced to probation).

In a search warrant affidavit, police noted that when they arrested Lowery, she commented on the difficulty of peddling dope. “Lowery stated selling methamphetamine is hard work,” an investigator wrote.

Following her June 3 sentencing, Lowery was admitted to the Logan Correctional Center, a women’s prison located about 30 miles north of Springfield. The state facility houses about 1650 inmates. 

Lowery, seen in the above Department of Corrections mug shots, has previously served a pair of state prison terms (for aggravated battery and possession of meth and a firearm).