Face Behind The Name: Meet Lin Mun Poo, Federal Reserve Hacker

Meet Lin Mun Poo. The Malaysian computer expert was charged last month with hacking into the Federal Reserve’s computer network, stealing a massive amount of credit card numbers, and other cybercriminality.

Poo, 32, has been in custody since his arrest, so the only photo available of him is this United States Marshals Service mug shot, snapped after he was collared at a Brooklyn diner where he allegedly sold stolen credit card numbers to an undercover agent.

According to investigators, Poo has allegedly hacked the computer systems of international banks, a U.S. defense contractor, and credit unions, and was in possession of more than 400,000 stolen credit and debit card numbers. When nabbed by Secret Service agents, Poo was carrying a heavily encrypted laptop brimming with a “massive quantity of stolen financial account data and personal identifying information,” according to a court filing.

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