Naked "Brad Pitt" Arrested For Public Indecency On Florida Beach

Meet James Dalton.

The 43-year-old Floridian was lounging naked (face up, of course) on a Fort Walton beach last Wednesday afternoon when cops arrived to collar him for public indecency.

Asked to identify himself, the naked Dalton--with no forms of ID readily apparent--announced that he was “Brad Pitt.” This piece of ill-advised deception earned Dalton a second misdemeanor charge, for providing a false identity to a law enforcement officer.

Dalton, who eventually provided deputies with his real name, was booked into the Okaloosa County lockup, which he has visited on several prior occasions, according to jail records.

Judging by the 5’ 8”, 160-pound Dalton’s mug shot, seen above, Randy Quaid or the character actor Wade Williams, late of the TV show “Prison Break,” might have been a better choice than Pitt.

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Yeah, Brad Pitt... I can totally see that. You have to squint just right.