Woman Told Jailers She Was "Unsure" How Painkillers And Muscle Relaxants Got Into Her Vagina

After jailers discovered painkillers and muscle relaxants stashed in her vagina, a Florida woman said she was “unsure” how the pills got inside her body, according to an arrest report.

Dusty Rae Ingram, 38, was arrested earlier this month for violating probation terms imposed in connection with her 2013 conviction for child abuse and battery, according to court records.

Ingram, whose rap sheet also includes collars for stalking, assault, and theft, was transported January 5 to the Okaloosa County jail, where a female corrections officer conducted a strip search during the intake process.

During the search, the jailer discovered “several pills taped up in a plastic jeweler’s bag, partially exposed in the defendant’s vagina.” After being read her rights, Ingram identified the pills as the painkiller Percocet and Zanaflex, a muscle relaxant.

Pictured above, Ingram claimed to have a prescription for the medications, and admitted that she “knew she was not allowed to bring the pills into the jail.” However, Ingram “denied doing so knowingly,” claiming that she “keeps the pills in her purse and is unsure how they got from the purse into her vagina.”

Despite that assertion, Ingram was charged with introducing contraband into a correctional facility. She is being held without bond on that felony count as well as the probation violation rap.