Feel-Good Story: Duo Reunited With Bong Lost Seven Years Ago

Following a traffic stop this morning, Matthew Hawley and Mark Fiasco, both 23, were busted after a search of Hawley’s 1998 Mercury turned up nearly 30 grams of marijuana.

That, of course, is the bad news.

However, the Florida duo’s felony collars did come with a silver lining. During the vehicle search, Bradenton Police Department officers found a bong in the car’s trunk that both men said had been missing for seven years.

The $150 bong was one of two that the men purchased from a Sarasota glass blower back when they were in high school, Hawley told cops. The other bong, he added, “had been broken by [Fiasco’s] brother while engaged in sexual intercourse.”

Fiasco, who admitted to plans to “smoke the shit out” of pot found in the car, told an officer that he “had been looking for the bong for the last 7 years” and was “pleased” that investigators located it. Fiasco, a cop reported, “was under the assumption that an old roommate had stolen it.” A photo on Fiasco’s MySpace page (titled “SMOKE ONE”) shows him smoking what appears to be a Kingston-sized monster spliff.  

The bong, which was inside a plastic bag, was tested for marijuana residue, but the results “did not obtain positive results.” Police reports do not offer insight as to how the custom-made item remained undiscovered for so long. Hawley (left) and Fiasco are pictured in the above mug shots. Both men were booked into the Manatee County jail on felony drug possession charges.

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Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth. WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!! Besides, after most people smoke, they're not interested in driving anywhere, unlike people who drink and drive.
Wow it truly is amazing to see the ignorant comments to go with foolish stories. Comparing Drinking and Driving to Smoking and Driving is like comparing your intelligence to that of an adult. Great comment pitless...
This story literally reeks with comedy.
Who said they were driving high? It just said they had pot in the car that the one guy 'planned' on smoking. Doesn't say he planned on smoking it in the car. Who's the real douchebag here?
Wacky story, but is it fair to give these poor schlubs felony charges? And send them to prison? Who are they going to hurt besides a box of Ding-Dongs? Californians--Republicans, Democrats and independents: Yes on 19!!!
And it looks like they've hurt ALOT of Ding-Dongs along the way...
to getzo Q: "Who are they going to hurt besides a box of Ding-Dongs? " A: the same people drunk drivers hurt: OTHER PEOPLE you stupid douche bag.
"stupid douche bag"? I'd say that someone who immediately pre-judges two untried people and assumes that they're going to hurt other people is considerably more deserving of the title. You stupid douche bag. Lots of people smoke pot, idiot. Just like lots of people drink, capice? Doing either, in the safety and privacy of your own home does NOT rise to the level of felonious behavior -- at least in the sense of doing harm to anyone other than yourself. Don't like the weed? Don't smoke it, jackass. But don't judge me for making my own choices, or assume that I get behind the wheel when I'm high.
His name is Fiasco? You've gotta be kidding. Is this the Fiasco Bong Fiasco? I'm guessing these guys still live at home, yes?
Why is it that, when reading this article, I thought I was on The Onion's website instead?