Face Behind The Name: Meet Michael Major, The Camera-Shy Hacker Behind Lulz Boat Attack

Meet Michael Major.

While eagerly taking credit for helping to unmask individuals he claims are affiliated with Lulz Security, Major has also made sure to denigrate his fellow hackers. “I have no fear of these kids,” he told a Patch reporter. “These guys are complete idiots. They can't touch me here or online. What are they going to do, charge down my driveway and beat me up?”

Still, Major spoke on the condition that his face not be shown.

Unfortunately for the 22-year-old Maryland resident, he was arrested in May 2009 for theft and marijuana possession, a collar that produced the above Baltimore County Police Department mug shot.

The babyfaced hacker, who lives in his parents’s Halethorpe home, was also named last month in a pair of “peace orders” issued by a judge in response to court filings by two women who accused Major of repeatedly harassing them.

In an interview last week, Major said he has “been known to work on both sides of the fence” when it comes to “black hat” and “white hat” hacking, though he claimed not to have engaged in illegal conduct.