Cops: Drunk Driver With His Kids In Car Had .604 Blood Alcohol Level

A Florida man discovered passed out behind the wheel of an SUV carrying his children had a blood alcohol level of .604, more than seven times the legal limit, police report.

According to cops, Stephen Allbritton was found slumped inside a Ford Explorer around 11 AM Friday. The vehicle, which was not running but had its hazard lights on, was parked at an intersection in Estero, the village where Allbritton resides.

Allbritton’s teenage daughter was in the front passenger seat, while his son, also a juvenile, was in a back seat.

Sheriff’s deputies repeatedly sought to wake Allbritton, but met with little success. At one point, he “raised his head and looked towards” one cop and “mumbled some unknown words and passed out again.”

Allbritton, pictured above, was transported to a local hospital, where tests recorded his blood alcohol content at .604, according to a police report.

When Allbritton eventually became “coherent and responsive”--five hours after being found by police--he denied having consumed any alcoholic beverages.

Charged with drunk driving and child neglect, Allbritton was booked into the Lee County jail, where he remains locked up in lieu of $10,000 bond. His children--who were not injured--were released into the custody of their mother.