Face Behind The Name: Meet Franck Lebrun, Drunk And Surly French Air Traveler

Meet Franck Lebrun.

The French citizen was arrested last month for a drunken outburst on a Delta Air Lines flight bound for New York from Nice. Federal air marshals had to subdue the 34-year-old Lebrun after he repeatedly shoved a female flight attendant who caught him smoking in the plane’s bathroom.

It was after being handcuffed by federal air marshals that an agitated Lebrun yelled this classic line: “I’m French, fuck you!”

Lebrun, free on $10,000 bond, is pictured above in a United States Marshals Service mug shot provided in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

In a recent court filing, Lebrun’s lawyer reported that he was negotiating an “expedited guilty plea” on behalf of his client, who had his passport seized. Lebrun, however, still maintains custody of that dashing sweater.

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i just googled the word a$$hole and guess whose photo came up with the definition
What a fool. Federal prosecutors are going to have a field day with him. I doubt he would last a week in the general population if they stick him in a federal prison.
I want that sweater.....I can say I'm French, swear at flight attendants, and get my name in the paper to boot! He looks like a poster-boy for a company that sells dick-heads!!
Hey, he was just translating France's national motto for us!
Another approach the Air Marshals could have used would have been to look harshly at him and he would have surrendered within minutes. And to reply to his statement to the flight attendant, " you're French, Fark you"
Say what you will about that flabby-faced pastry boy, but DO NOT besmirch the well-understood belief that the sweater in question has been worn many times, but laundered not so much. Seriously, you who are well-traveled know what I'm saying here. Throw in the obligatory "Marlboro eau de parfum" and you have one very schtankee Frenchman. Why, he even looks sour in his mug shot; poor boy...
I am not surprised he is French. I was on a flight not too long ago when a French guy tried twice to break into the line ahead of other people and kept using his cell phone after a flight attended asked him to turn it off. He turned it back on again as soon as she walked away. Apparently, being a arrogant asshat is a way of life for the French.
Say what you will about this man, France and Delta Air Lines but DO NOT besmirch that sweater. That sonofabitch is a classic.
His name should be Franck Lebum instead of Lebrun.I hope the French are really proud of this idiot. But it stands to reason that a nation that holds Jerry Lewis as a national symbol ( don't get me wrong,I like Jerry and Dean). Something is wrong, go back to France you cheese eating surrender monkey.Pushing women around ha, if I was on that flight you would have had me to contend with. Wussy Boy!