Protip: Considering Some Indecent Exposure? Then Make Sure To Leave Your Bluetooth Speaker At Home.

Here is a tip for perverts everywhere:

If you are planning to masturbate while watching a porno on your phone while at your apartment complex’s outdoor pool, do not connect your device to a Bluetooth speaker because amplified moaning will bring unwanted attention.

Florida police were summoned to The Palms of Clearwater development Sunday night after a witness reported seeing a man “pull his pants down” and “begin to masturbate to a pornographic video on his personal cell phone.”

Cops identified the accused masturbator as Christopher Harris, 51, a resident of The Palms, which describes itself as a “Mediterranean Oasis” only minutes from the Clearwater beaches.

Harris, police noted in an arrest affidavit, “also connected the video to a Bluetooth speaker and began playing the video out loud as he masturbated.” Multiple officers responding to a 911 call observed Harris pleasuring himself by the pool (seen below).

After being read his rights, Harris reportedly admitted to “playing with himself,” adding that when he is intoxicated he does “stupid things.”

Seen above, Harris was arrested for exposure of sexual organs, a misdemeanor. He was released from the county jail Monday night on his own recognizance. Harris’s rap sheet includes convictions for criminal mischief and battery.