Poultry Crime Wave Continues As Man Is Busted For Chicken Battery On Brother

A Louisiana man is behind bars after allegedly clobbering his brother in the head with a frozen bag of chicken, the latest in a series of poultry-related crimes plaguing the nation.

According to police, Tommy Bouwell, 59, battered his sibling late Tuesday evening inside a mobile home they share in West Monroe. The victim said that when he asked Bouwell about “two windows busted out of his residence,” his brother “became angry and began throwing things” at him.

The victim said that Bouwell “grabbed a bag of frozen chicken out of the freezer and struck him in the side of the head” with the poultry. Bouwell allegedly then “continued grabbing frozen foods,” which he threw at his brother.

The victim, who refused medical attention, requested to pursue criminal charges against Bouwell, who was busted on a misdemeanor battery count. Seen above, Bouwell is locked up in lieu of $500 bond.

Bouwell’s rap sheet includes collars for aggravated assault, domestic abuse, disturbing the peace, and theft.