KKK Imperial Wizard Will Soon Join Weepy Nazi Behind Bars In Charlottesville

The Ku Klux Klan leader accused of firing a gun during the violent Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville will soon be joining the Weepy Nazi™ behind bars in Virginia.

Richard Wilson Preston, 52, was arrested Saturday in Maryland on a warrant issued in connection with him discharging a weapon during the August 12 protest. Preston, a Baltimore resident, is being held at a county lockup near his home in advance of his extradition to Virginia on the felony gun count.

A video of the shooting (seen below) shows Preston firing the weapon at a black counterprotester (whom Preston called a “nigger”) wielding an aerosol can as a makeshift torch. Preston, wearing a bulletproof vest and a doo rag, appeared to fire into the ground near the protester, who was not injured by the gunfire.

Preston is seen at right in a mug shot taken following his August 26 arrest.

Preston, who leads a KKK group in Baltimore, uses the title Imperial Wizard. In a 2013 interview, he said that he hoped Barack Obama would be impeached and claimed, “We really want people to understand that the Klan is not an organization that is only bent on violence. We fight very hard to keep our rallies peaceful.”

In advance of a Klan gathering at Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania, Preston told a reporter that his racist confederates were “white separatists. We believe the races should not mix.” He added, “We want people to be proud to say I’m a Klansman. We are a Christian organization that doesn’t promote hate and violence.”

Despite his claims that the KKK is a peaceful and anti-violence, Preston has embraced the group’s signature menacing uniform. As seen above, Preston is pictured in a white hood and KKK uniform. He was so proud of the look, he provided the photo to a reporter preparing a story in advance of his Gettysburg rally.

When Preston is transferred to Virginia, he is likely to be incarcerated in the same Charlottesville lockup as Christopher Cantwell, the blubbering white supremacist who is being held without bond. Cantwell, 36, is facing felony charges for allegedly pepper spraying counterprotesters the evening before the Unite the Right rally.