Why Do Snack Companies Enjoy Making Fun Of The Catholic Church?

What is it with snack companies and their mocking of Catholics? As you might have read, a commercial submitted for the Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” contest has been yanked from consideration because of its offensive nature.

The spot, created by Media Wave Video Productions in Philadelphia, substitutes Doritos for the Eucharist and Pepsi for wine representing the blood of Christ. The ad is dubbed “Feed the Flock."

As seen above (click to enlarge), Lipton--in a bid to sell its onion dip--once produced print ads showing a Catholic churchgoer preparing to dunk a Holy Communion wafer in a bowl of dip. Unilever, Lipton’s parent company, apologized for its blasphemy--but only after consumers and church officials condemned it.

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Really? I'm going to be one of the few individuals to defend the Catholics? Has everyone realized that EVERY SINGLE religion out there has had some sort of very bad and brutal history? Every single major religion has had a war waged in their name, has killed millions in the name of their god/s, or has brutally tortured and killed their opposers? The only reason most of us know about the atrocities of ONLY the Catholic faith is because many of us are of European descent. If you did more research, you'd see that other religions (and yes, Buddhism and Hinduism included) have some pretty dark blood on their hands. Now as for the advertisement, I am personally not offended, but I could see how others could. The Islamic nation was outraged over portraying Allah on TV, but the Catholic nation can't be outraged about commercializing one of their most sacred sacraments? Religion is a very personal issue to many people. I find it very self-absorbed when somebody who doesn't personally agree with some one else's beliefs finds it 'babyish' when that person gets offended by something they hold dear. A decent person is a person who may not agree with someone, but still respects their beliefs, no matter what god you pray to (or none at all).
I find it ridiculously ironic that the church is all up in arms over a little Doritos commercial because it offends the church, but priests raping little boys in the dark and ruining their lives is totally within their doctrine. Screw the Catholic church and it's hypocritical corruption,. Its the Satan of the Christian religions and the pope can hang by7 his nutsack for all I care.
Looks like symbolic cannibalism to me.
You do realize that this isn't a commercial made by the brands depicted. Doritos has an annual contest for people to create an ad that can be played on the Super Bowl if it gets the most votes from viewers and of course passes the company's standards. This video is an entry in the contest.
Seems the Catholics have a stick up their butts if this offends them, but then again, they've never been known to be much fun anyways. I wouldn't get upset if KFC tried something similar to boost attendance at a Baptist church. Lord knows Baptists love some fried chicken. People need to lighten up significantly. Admittedly it's not a great commercial but it's not all that bad.
You have got to be kidding me. First off, it's extremely sacreligious. Holy Communion is a sacrament, not something to be made fun of. How would an ad like that even boost attendance? Do you honestly think people are THAT stupid? Also, the commercial gets it wrong -- Catholics don't use the disposable shot glasses to distribute the blood of Christ. So not only is it poorly made, it's also poorly informed.
Is raping little boys and hiding the offenders in other parishes sacrilegious as well? You *** holier than thou Catholics have gotten off scott free for all your sins against God. Fark you! Catholics are too good for plastic shot glasses? Hmm.. thats odd because the night before a lot of your parishioners were at the bar doing body shots from them with no issues. You know what else is sacrament? (to me, at least) Allowing children to grow up without having their privates groped by someone they trust. A local priest here in Phoenix hit a man in a crosswalk onhis way home from a wedding where he was seen drinking a lot by the attendees, and he just drove on home and didnt stop while the poor man died in the street!! This mother*** got 5 years probation for killing an innocent man. And yes, he hit the guy, he had the guys head imprint in a broken windshield of the car. So Fark you and *** you *** hypocrite!
It should have been pulled from consideration because it was unbelievably stupid and amateurish, blasphemy be damned.
I agree. I'm an atheist, I'm not fond of the Roman Catholic Church, and yet this commercial turned my stomach. I find it nearly incomprehensible that a group of people could come up with an insulting mockery like this and nobody had the good sense to say, "Hey, wait a minute! Could this be going too far?"
Atheists have no right to comment on anything concerned with religion... even commercials