Woman Marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month By Stealing Breast Cancer Awareness Clothing From Walmart

A Florida probationer recently marked Breast Cancer Awareness Month by walking into Walmart and stealing an assortment of garments branded with pink ribbons and the Susan G. Komen logo, cops allege.

According to a criminal complaint, Laura Gillette swiped the clothing earlier this month from a store in Leesburg, a city about 45 miles northwest of Orlando.

Investigators allege that Gillette, 46, concealed the garments inside a shoebox before walking out of Walmart. But Gillette, seen below, was quickly apprehended by security guards who had been monitoring her activity via store surveillance cameras.

Gillette’s October 3 haul included “Fight of Cancer” yoga pants, a “Susan G. Komen pink yoga pant with the cancer ribbon,” a Komen hoodie with the words “Hope in Pink,” a Komen “Join the Fight” jacket, and a “black cancer ‘fight’ long sleeve shirt.” The garments had a combined retail value of about $80, cops reported. 

Since Gillette’s rap sheet includes two or more prior theft convictions, she was charged with a felony for allegedly boosting the Breast Cancer Awareness Month garments. She also is facing a probation violation rap in connection with a prior conviction for cocaine possession.

Gillette is locked up in the Lake County jail in advance of her arraignment on October 26.

In 1985, the American Cancer Society declared October Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help promote the use of mammograms. In 1991, the not-for-profit Komen organization began distributing pink ribbons as a means of connoting breast cancer awareness.