Alleged Utah Bank Robber Appears Unable To Tell Wright From Wrong

According to the FBI, Marc Steven Synnestvedt robbed a Salt Lake City bank on New Year’s Eve. Agents arrived at this conclusion after a teller chased the robber out into the parking lot and began fighting with him. During the tussle, the robber’s jacket was pulled off. Inside, investigators discovered a wallet with several pieces of ID bearing Synnestvedt’s name.

Before opting to take the money and run, Synnestvedt, 39, allegedly handed a teller a note that read, “GIVE ME ALL THE MONEY NOW OR I WILL KILL YOU, WRIGHT HERE WRIGHT NOW,” according to a criminal complaint excerpted here.

While not as confusing as the shoddy “I have a gub” penmanship of Virgil Starkwell, Synnestvedt’s spelling deficiency still raises the prospect that the suspect, who has yet to be collared, can’t tell the difference between wright and wrong.

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No, it's Virgil Starkwell in the picture.
OMG its Woody Allen!