Cops: Six-Week-Old Puppy Died After Woman Allowed It To Ingest Heroin

An upstate New York woman has been charged with animal cruelty after allegedly allowing a six-week-old puppy to ingest heroin, which killed the animal.

According to police, Nicole Holland, 26, was arrested yesterday on a misdemeanor charge in connection with the death of the dog, a miniature Doberman Pinscher named “Champ” who weighed about two pounds when it died last month.

A necropsy determined the puppy died from opioid intoxication, according to the New York State Police.

Investigators allege that Holland, who lives in Fulton, a city 30 miles north of Syracuse, left a plate containing heroin on the floor of her home. After watching the puppy lick up some of the drug, Holland subsequently snorted the remaining heroin through a straw.

Holland told cops she took a video of the stricken puppy, who had trouble walking after ingesting the powder. After police and animal welfare officials viewed the video on a social media site, an investigation of Holland was opened.

Pictured above, Holland was busted Thursday and ordered to appear in court on April 6. Holland, cops say, said she was not seeking to harm the dog. It is unclear whether she owned "Champ."

Holland, a mother of two young children, was not charged with any narcotics counts since her heroin use was not witnessed.

Holland was arrested twice last month, first for larceny, and then for possession of a controlled substance and possession of a hypodermic instrument. Following a traffic stop last year, Holland was arrested for possession of a hypodermic instrument.