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When tough guy Ted Nugent has a runny nose, only "MAN SIZED KLEENEX" will do.

And what better way for the Motor City Madman to chase down a peanut butter and jelly sandwich than with a couple of cans of tropical fruit-flavored "Slim-Fast?"

And there can be little doubt that The Nuge would prefer using a bow and arrow to bag his post-show meal instead of relying on the simple delivery of those Boston Market birds. (6 pages)

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I have a Creem magazine from the early 80's in which Ted tells the same story. He denies it now because it would make him look bad with his right-wing cronies.
What about Pepsi and Vienna sausages? I heard the Detroit Free Press had an article where ted said that to avoid the draft he ate and drank nothing but Vienna sausages and Pepsi for a month and then defecated in his pants so that when he went to the induction area they took one look and gave him a discharge for being nuts. I asked ted if this was true in an email I sent him and all he said was "NO". Anybody else ever hear of this?

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