MUG SHOTS: Strippers

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Looks like "Blue steel" Maybe she worked with Derek Zoolander.
go ahead and just swallow the stuff. i cam make some more for ya!
click, it,, click...yeah, show me that, click...
Wouldn'd even let her suck me, probably rot and fall off, skanky hoe
Looks like Hell's Angels had a turn with that. She can't help it, her lips are stuck that way. Comes with the job I guess.
I've seen that same pucker a million times on Facebook...
Those lips look like they could suck a grape through a straw.
Or a golf ball through a garden hose.
Orange is definitely your color!
She still thinks she is as hot as she was in school...
Come on guys, don't judge her yet...she's still high.
You aren't supposed to do duck face in your mugshot cupcake!
Oh no you didn't
Does she know this is a mug shot and not glamorshots?!
Crack ho grandma