MUG SHOTS: Pretty Perps

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It looks like the hot chick from American Pie: Band Camp
Yep. This one is stoned and doesn't realize what trouble shes in yet.
Appears to me she was arrested for being a dumb ass. Take a hard look guys, the lights are on but everything is shining inward. Shes got the neck of a goose.
what did she do to go to jail, I would let her go as long as I got her number
Why would a chick who looks like this ever need to break a law?
nice dimples.
Dimples, my ass... those are piercings.
shes cute! wtf it doesnt say what she did? maybe i just havent found it yet
Sir, right click on the photo, click "properties and go down to the URL listing. It will usually have their name and violation. Her name is Emily Longfellow and it says expiredmvi. Probably expired license. Hope this helps ;)