MUG SHOTS: Pretty Perps

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i think raellertson spends waaay too much time up in their own heads makin' sh*t up.. this chick is in for car theft. Appearances can be deceiving.
Leonardo DiCapprio?
super sexy without trying
Future gym teacher
raellertson ... You nailed it exactly ... She smiled at me in the elevator the other day ... just as she squeezed tight butt checks of my secretary standing in front of her.
***boi or tranny
Whooodeenee, This is definitely not "butch", this is the photo of a young, clean faced woman with a low maintenance hair cut. She's the type of girl who wakes up in the AM or steps out of a swimming pool looking beautiful. She's the type of girl who's comfortable with herself and would be happy to know know you for who you are...not your fast or expensive car. You know her. She's that girl who smiles at you on the metro (subway) or on the elevator or on campus. She's the girl you want to be friends with...and probably more than that. But you have your own opinion...and that's cool because you're not smart enough for her...and she's already got a big following of intelligent, non-judgemental guys who appreciate women for who they are and not some falsely created image by American movies, TV, and magazines version of who you think an attractive woman should be. Signed: A woman who is told that she is attractive while wearing a fresh scrubbed face and shorter hair than this young lady. Oh yeah...not to forget my manners... Have a terrific day.
@raellertson - tl;dr
i know this dude that looks exactly like her!! im talking like twin shyt
shiat all i see is resident of evil?
Too butch