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It's RAC*** MAN
one of the extras on Dawn of the Dead
Badger-Man! Awwwaaaaaaaaaaay!
Purple is my favorite color.
Looks like he had a 1st gen airbag. If you are not wearing a seatbelt, and it deploys, it smacks you in the face at about 200mph. Usually breaks your nose, and blackens both of your eyes. The seatbelt holds you down while the airbag beats the crap out of you.
Wait til they getta load o'me!!!! Said the Joker!
" I am a ra***, my name is Rita. The forest is my home, i'd really like to meet ya. So please..eeese, don't play with matches. The next time you see a tree, think of meeeee! "
Who is that masked man? Why it's the Lone Ranger!
He will be a hot commodity in the yard, Avon calling.........
Nice sunglasses