MUG SHOTS: Bad Attitude

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Youse got a job fo me honky?
Oh look he's got his game face on, my my and it makes you look so intelligent as well.
TSA is the job for him.
The missing link
Man, Cuba Gooding jr really needs to lay off the soul food...
I didn't think it was actually possible to squint your whole face.
Wasn't he the star of the movie Precious?
He's really just a big teddy bear with a chip on his shoulder.
He looks way nicer in the 'Blindside'
yuze gunna eat that cone breadzz??
y u eated my cookie?
Dude - two words..... "anger management".
dis is my meanie face
You ever woke up and thought......I AM PISSED!
they repoed my cadillac!
....And by repoed, I mean the police gave it back to it's rightful owner.