MUG SHOTS: Hollywood

Paris Hilton '10

Paris Hilton mug shot 2010

Paris Hilton is seen here in the third mug shot of her young career. The dopey heiress, 29, was arrested last night (8/27/10) after a bag of cocaine fell out of her purse during a traffic stop on the Las Vegas Strip (her boyfriend’s car was pulled over by a cop who smelled marijuana wafting from the SUV). The results of Hilton’s previous booking photo sessions can be seen here.

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What's with all this Paris Hilton nonsense she is a no talent stanky skanky airhead she is not good looking at all has a body like that chick from popeye.Please just go away far away
It's enough to make you puke, if she was a black man she'd be doing 20 years in federal you-know-what-you-in-the-you-know-where prison by now. There is not now, nor has there EVER been, any justice where one party has too much money.
c'mere Paris you can call home on my bone-a-phone
"falls" out of her purse.... HA!
Paris Hilton. *Laughs & Shakes head* I know, I know she has money.. *rolls eyes* still cant by a personality, or self respect. go figure
She should be put in jail for all the dogs thrown into shelters because she thought it was cute to use them as accessories.
Poster child for STD clinics world wide....
It's not illegal to smell like marijuana. It's not even reasonable to suspect someone of possessing it. People need to tell the cops to *** when appropriate.
Hey Mann,,, got some papers dude... *looks around* anyone got some chips, a cookie... wow man neat colors..
I can't believe she still has that "My new BFF" show. Paris sweety, your too OLD to be calling your friends BFF's.
maybe she can find her new bff now