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Bill Gates

Microsoft boss Bill Gates was photographed by the Albuquerque, New Mexico police in 1977 after a traffic violation (details of which have been lost over time).

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Bill: *shakes head* Well, you can arrest me now, but in 20 years, I will own you and my Hawaiian shirt and I will take over the world and somehow ruin your entire life. WHA HA HA HA...... :)
His smile just says "Haha you idiots have no clue that I'm going to rule two thirds of the world one of these days! Meet your new boss!"
What a yuppie!
Thats a nice shirt Bill....Did Stevie Wonder dress you before you went out that night?
Of course it got lost, 30 year later it was digitised and saved on a Windows ME machine.
It's digitized, not "digitised". You're probably a mactard. And 30 years later is 2007. ME came out in 2000, more than a 10 years ago.
Apparently you have never left the U.S. Digitised is the way the word digitized is spelled in the U.K. Perhaps you might want to check on things before you show of your not so superior intellect.
a traffic violation?? what a nerd!!
yyaaa details lost over time my ass
lmao XD