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Boy Charged For Desecration Of Jesus Statue

Suspect, 14, nabbed after posting pics to Facebook

Jesus Wept

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Statue Desecration

SEPTEMBER 10--A Pennsylvania teenager has been charged with desecrating a statue of Jesus after he posted Facebook photos that showed him simulating a sex act with the statue.

According to State Police officials, the boy posed for the photos in late-July in front of Love In the Name of Christ, a Christian organization in Everett, the boy’s hometown.

The teenager, who was not identified by cops, was charged yesterday with desecration of a venerated object, a misdemeanor. His case will be handled in juvenile court.

As seen at right, one of the photos posted to the teenager’s Facebook page shows him with his crotch in the face of the kneeling statue.

In 2010, a student at a Catholic college in Wilkes-Barre was arrested on a similar desecration charge. The intoxicated 22-year-old was busted after a cop spotted him urinating on a Nativity scene constructed in a city square. (1 page)