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Wendy's Patron Busted After Having Beef

Woman trashed eatery over drive-thru grub

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Wendy's Beef

SEPTEMBER 12--A Florida woman was arrested Saturday night after storming into a Wendy’s and trashing the restaurant because she was unhappy with the food she had received at the drive-thru window, police report.

Investigators say that Chianti Gipson, 24, placed an order at a Wendy’s in Seminole around 6:30 PM Saturday, but she was “dissatisfied with the food ordered.”

Gipson, cops say, began arguing with Scott Anthony Bui, a Wendy’s manager who eventually closed the drive-thru window while Gipson was parked outside.

Seen above, Gipson then got out of her vehicle and “began verbally engaging the victim” inside Wendy’s. According to court filings, Gipson began “flipping and pushing items off the counter” and “deliberately splashed pink lemonade onto [Bui’s] face/chest area.”

Gipson caused about $100 in damages to a display table and a metal iced tea dispenser, noted cops, who added that her outburst "disrupted diners and staff" at the restaurant (pictured below) 

Gipson, a St. Petersburg resident, was arrested for battery, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct. She was released from jail Sunday morning after posting $1000 bail on the misdemeanor counts.

According to court records, Gipson’s rap sheet includes arrests for battery on a pregnant woman; marijuana possession; aggravated assault with a motor vehicle; discharging a firearm in public; and possession of counterfeit currency. (3 pages)