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Vet, 77, Busted For Obama Death Threat

Man enraged over “what he has done to this country”

President Obama

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Presidental Death Threat

NOVEMBER 24--A 77-year-old South Carolina man whose home was stocked with an arsenal of guns told Secret Service agents that he wanted to shoot Barack Obama “for what he has done to this country,” according to a criminal complaint charging him with threatening the president’s life.

Michael Bowden allegedly first spoke of killing Obama last week during a “routine check-up” at a Veterans Administration clinic in Spartanburg. Bowden, pictured in the mug shot at right, told a nurse that he “was thinking of traveling to Washington, DC, to shoot the President (Obama) because he is not doing enough to help African Americans,” according to an affidavit sworn by Agent Mark Booth.

In an interview last Wednesday with three federal investigators, Bowden acknowledged threatening Obama’s life at the VA facility.

In a sworn, written statement he noted that, “if I had the opportunity to put Obama against the wall and shoot him, I would.” Bowden added that if he could kill anyone, “I would kill, if possible, the President (Obama), for what he has done to this country.”

During a search of Bowden’s home, agents located three semi-automatic handguns and a semi-automatic rifle--all of which were “fully loaded, with rounds in the firing chamber--near his bed. In Bowden’s son’s bedroom, agents found 12 other guns, while a “loaded, short-barrel shotgun” was found near the home’s front door.

The jailed Bowden, who turns 78 on Friday, may soon be freed pending the completion of a psychiatric evaluation. One condition of his release will require Bowden to refrain from possessing a firearm. (2 pages)

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And to think he could have been the next real American IDOL!
As I read the increasingly nasty, mocking right-wing comments excoriating President Obama, I am almost as concerned about the low level of education they reflect, as by the hateful content. A lot of right-wing commenters have errors in almost every sentence. It's no wonder so many of them can be completely deceived by untruthful news sources. If they can't write as much as two or three sentences with a modicum of competence, it's hard to imagine they are absorbing much by way of the printed word. Yet they are here, apparently reading and writing. I don't get it. Is one third of the country unable to write correct English? If that's the case, maybe we should concentrate on making adult education available to everyone. The contrast with Europe is stunning.
So, you're an effete, intellectual snob, then? Einstein could not spell, punctuate or grammatize correctly. He must have been totally incompetent. You're a typical, condescending Liberal retard. Since you know everything, you have never learned anything. You are a complete joke. No, I'm not a right-winger ... I hate all stupid people equally. But Liberal retards are the absolute worst!
Your comment is typical of liberals and those poor simple-minded souls who fondly follow Barry with utmost devotion. Unable to refute the contentions made by conservatives, you are compelled to spell and grammar-check their comments. A particularly ironic behavior since, if their education is deficient, you are complicit by your blind support of a corrupt educational system and it's teacher's unions.
This thread is yet another example of why bloody Americans should contract out running running their country to more intelligent and sophisticated lifeforms. Which would probably include chimpanzies....
Wow. I mean wow. Every comment I've read so far is either filled with hate toward liberals, or complaining that it's the liberals who are filled with hate. It would be laughable if it weren't so sad. My comment: This guy appears to be senile or mentally ill. Regardless, what he said is against the law and health workers are required to report statements such as these. There is no such thing as freedom of speech when that speech threatens the life of another person. It's as simple as that. There's no need to get all up in arms about it. Contrary to what people want to believe, this is not about politics. So please calm down and stop making more of this than what it is.
What happened to freedom of speech? With all the politicians making them exempted from everything then there is nothing you can say about them. This is just wrong!!
Respect the Elder!
What ever happened to Patient Client Confidentiality??? There is no way they can convict this Man and I hope he sues for the breach of Patient Client Confidentiality. They should have admitted him and put him in a Mental Institution and kept him heavily drugged and tried to help him. They turned him in and Jail is not going to help this old Veteran. We have no rights left. What's next Lawyers turning in their Clients and not taking their cases?? This is wrong and how far has our Country fallen?? I'm moving to another Country because this one has gone down so fast and we have no rights left. Some State is trying to pass a law that you can't smoke cigarettes outside. What's next, how many times a day you can flush the toilet or drink water?? PETE
We have never had rights Pete_MJG, only a list of temporary privileges that the government has taken away whenever it has suited their needs. If you think we've all had rights look at Japanese Americans in 1942. Just because their parents were born in another country our government threw these law abiding citizens into a internment camp. These AMERICANS needed their rights and their government just took them away. There should not be Patient Client Confidentiality when it comes to an issue such as this. It's another case of an old and bitter man afraid of change. You would think a veteran, who took an oath to protect all Americans, including the president would realize punishment is imminent after making a stupid threat. He's lucky he lives in America, if he lived in a lot of other nations around of world, this article would have been his obituary.
Doctor/Patient confidentiality is out the window when it comes to possible harm to self or others. In fact health care workers, like teachers, are mandatory reporters, which means if someone discloses intent to commit harm the worker is legally required to contact the police.
So; what did Bowden say that was so wrong?
gee i am a grandfather and i own probably 20 semi automatic weapons . cant remember how many pistols but yet a drunk democrat has killed more people thany any of my guns have.
Obviously He is a liberal and He thought 98% of Federal Employees and 80% of welfare recipiency is way too little for Blacks.He wanted more forhis beloved Blacks who have created Africa, Haiti, Harlem and Detroit and All criminals cesspools.
it is very obvious from the appearance of this man that he is suffering from something. dementia, anxiety, depression,its anyones guess. to threaten the president is wrong. everyone must respect the office of the president. it is the job of the president to win the respect of we the people. we are after all his boss. this president has forgotten that he is a public servant. we are not his servants. to bow to illegitimate despots and engage in activities that endanger our military or homeland is traitorous. to refuse to disclose pertinent documents and spend millions of dollars to prevent their release only shows moral cowardice and acts as an admission to guilt. the problem most demorats and obama supporters have is they have no idea what freedom is or what it costs. president obama has told so many lies that if he said the sun is directly overhead at noon i would go out at noon and check to see if it was true. and to the 2 tour guy. i served 26 yrs. i have more combat time than you have in the chow line. i wont call you a REMF but you sure sound like one.
People miss an important part of this story, The socialist at the VA clinic failed this VET. It is easy to see that this man is old and feeble, he also has mental problems. Instead of helping the man, they chose to get news coverage for themselves and the Socialist they work for. Why should, or would any real VET use this Gov Org? They have become part of the Socialist group trying to rule the people of this country with an Iron Fist, as in Iron Curtain! These so called Nurses should become part of the unemployed, what a disservice!
Just another liberal nutjob.
How can this man be so upset with Obama? Doesn't he understand that Barry doesn't need the blacks for another two years? Right now they are useless to the potus.
Hate mongers and I am smarter than you are so I will give you my opinion liberal media.This is how we recieve our "news" these days because we are to "f"ing lazy to find out ourselves what is the truth. So why are we surprised when we get idiots in office. Stop being sheep people and think for yourselves. Olberman(sportscaster), Maddows(angry feminist) Rush ( angry whiteman) Beck (scared) Jon Stewart(comedian) Colbert( comedian) etc. etc. How many use "Stage Names"? When entertainment give us the news then what...
For the sake of humanity, will all you hate filled liberals give it up. You spew hate upon hate upon hate. Will you just shut it. Hate and blame is all you do, no substance or truth is heard, there is no values in your postings just hate filled comments. Are you so blind that you have been drinking the cool aide of liberalism, fallow the leader he will save you. You can't justify any of this anti christian behavior but call yours self of christian belief. Sick
FACT: Every presidential assassination done in this country was done by a DEMOCRAT. Look it up. FACT: Every assassination done against an Icon in this country (Robert Kennedy, John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Jr., etc.) was done by a DEMOCRAT. Look it up.
Lee Harvey Oswald was a registered Democrat.
They become very angry when they don't get their way. They are angry when they do get their way. I believe Timothy McVeigh was a Republican.
actually timothy McVeigh was a registered democrat.and had also sought out conscientious objector status.
You're a liar: "His only known affiliations are as a registered Republican in his New York days, and as a member of the National Rifle Association while he was in the Army." Of course, I'm not a psychotic retard, so I wouldn't make any blanket assumptions about all Republicans...
whatever buddy
FACT: Every presidential assassination done in this country was done by a DEMOCRAT. Look it up. FACT: Every assassination done against an Icon in this country (Robert Kennedy, John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Jr., etc.) was done by a DEMOCRAT. Look it up.
I guess it all depends on how you define the word fact. Sirhan Sirhan was a right wing Palestinian. When James Earl Ray was a Democrat, the Democratic party was still the party of racism in the South...that has obviously changed. Mark David Chapman was insane, so his politics have nothing to do with it..
If I were on the jury, I'd find this man INNOCENT.
the only reason obama hasnt been able to anything is every bill was blocked by the PON (party of no) why dont they change there name from GOP to PON
its obvious that you fall into one of 2 categories you either didn't pay attention in high school civics class or you are just blinded by too much liberal kool aid. either way you are dangerous to a well ordered republic which is what the united we are not a democracy like most liberals think. you should give serious thought to having yourself undergo sterilization . that way there will be no more genetically impaired and deficient amoebas like you being born again.
Uh... who won a majority in the house and senate in 2006? Wasn't it the dems??? Republicans simply have not had the numbers to stop anything. The dems owned the white house, senate and house of representatives. A monopoly on power and still could not get an agenda passed because of serious divisions within their own party. They could have passed anything they wanted without a single republican vote. Put down the crack pipe and kool aid and step away.
Really guess you were told to think that. How about the truth, the democrats had full control they didn't need the republicans. The party of no as you call it will not stand down on its principles. So call it what you will. You demand socialism I demand freedom, do you know the difference.
At least the No votes were bipartisan. Democrats joined the Republicans to block bad legislation. Maybe President Obama failed to persuade Republican lawmakers to support the legislation he favored, and that was the reason he didn't get everything he wanted. Successful Presidents sell their policy objectives to the opposition. Mr. Obama only sells his objectives to Democrat lawmakers - and even they have to be bribed or threatened. Party of No is fine with me. Maybe the Democrats ought to pick some mascot other than the Jack Ass.
Please name ONE bill the GOP is block. Just one. You can't, moron, the GOP are the MINORITY. Duh. Nice try with the troll act but you've got a lot more learning to do.
Sorry the old Coot has lost it. He is feeling what many others feel that Obama isn't doing his job very well. No matter how much one dislikes Obama you can't threaten the jackwad.
See, the Liberals ONLY support the Shooter if he actually Does something against the USA. If not then they start calling an Old senile Veteran names, as usual, we are ALL a bunch of crazy, racists, etc yada yada same ol' Tripe by the Liberal Fringe that are still angry that we cleaned house of 'em(Literally) are STILL Blaming Rush, beck etc that ONLY Liberals listen to anyway. I don't know anyone that listens to them except Liberals. So Liberals are showing their REAL Colors and why they are the only Bigotted haters to go along with being the Main LIARS as usual. Some things just never change.
I know, Old-Timer. He is the worst president EVER and a danger to freedom in this country but you simply cannot shoot or ibn this case, SAY you will shoot the President no matter how horrible he is. That will be taken care of in 2012 at the polls, the way it should be done. Even though Obama is a major tool he WAS elected by the people, even though we were ALL mislead it is STILL our fault for falling for the idiocy and the non stop endless HYpe by the Liberal media
don't you mean all the mis-infromation spread by fox republican network? all they do is spread fear and lies all day. i truly believe they have brainwashed the majority of the lame, racist Americans in this country
I know Mike. He is a wonderful man and a good father. I live in Spartanburg SC and for all the fighting and name calling about him being a republican cool aid drinker and tea party member ect, I thought that I would point out that first my family is praying for Mike, but I should also point out that MIKE IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN A DYED IN THE WOOL DEMOCRAT. I am not a democrat or republican, so I do not have a dog in this fight, but it seemed to me to be an important fact that was omitted from the report and news article. Mike is a Democrat, a union memeber and the whole rapp. So just what cool aid was he drinking?
this guy is obviously senile. we must not let this loser die. he must finish and we can remove him in nov 2012. can anyone imagine the hoopla and parades and statues for this loser. we would be honoring him if we did anything to him. just let him sit out his lame duck 2 years. then hopefully he can go back to chi and make it worse than it is and we will never have to hear another arab name for 10 yrs! lol
cant wait till the republicans outsource your job to mexico or china, and you loose your house looser
the only reasons jobs are outsourced is to get out of the stranglehold the tax and spend dems have on this country along with the epa and the communist backed and funded unions get rid of all three and jobs will return.
Leave it to some idiots like you to justify this act because they hate having a black man as president.
sorry jack ass you do not go unchallenged when you play the race card. america was ready to have a black president. we elected him. his actions failed to be what he promised or said during the campaign. i would love to see allen west or j.c. watts as president. and gee they are both black. the difference is they are both successful men who love their country. they say they are americans. i have never heard them say they were afro americans.
don't think most white Americans hate having a Black President ! WE JUST WISH WE DIDN'T HAVE THIS DUMB ONE :( LOL .. & When is he going to release his Academic records ??
I think the Secret Service agents -- should get a life. I don't believe any of this. If they want to check out something lets start with Obama birth certificate, that the democrats won't talk about. The best thing that happen on November 02, 2010 we the people spoke and we got ride of Pelosi. Now America lets do it again in 2012.
You got "ride" of Pelosi? I assume you know that Pelosi was re-elected. Wow... you progressives sure are stupid... just like this would be assassin.
We need to stop all the stupid talk about shooting or shooting at a president. We do need to defeat this arrogant jerk at the ballot box in 2012, along with the Pelosi lapdog who Fetch and Carry for him. There could be no more cruel punishment than these to kick them out and reverse their socialist agenda.