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Tupac Dispute Turns Violent, Victim Bashed

Quarrel about late rap star leads to felony bust

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Tupac Attack

MARCH 1--An argument about Tupac Shakur left one man with “heavy facial injuries” and another behind bars on a felony battery charge, Florida police say.

According to cops, Thomas Statkiewicz, 35, and Germi Stephens, 34, were “heavily intoxicated” when they quarreled Wednesday evening on a street corner in Clearwater. The dispute, Statkiewicz told police, involved “the late rapper 2Pac.”

Responding to multiple 911 calls about a battery in progress, officers discovered Stephens with “heavy facial injuries to include large lumps and his eyes were swollen shut.” Stephens, who was conscious but unable to communicate, “had a broken nose but no brain bleed.”

Statkiewicz, who was arrested after witnesses identified him as the assailant, told police that he had only defended himself when Stephens “tried to punch him over a dispute regarding the late rapper 2Pac.”

Statkiewicz, seen above, reportedly copped to punching Stephens “more than one time.” The alleged attacker had “minor lacerations and blood on his knuckles.”   

An arrest affidavit does not disclose the exact nature of the duo’s dispute about Shakur. Online posts reveal Stephens (pictured at left) to be a big fan of the performer, who died in September 1996 after a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas.

Charged with felony battery, Statkiewicz is locked up on $2500 bond. A judge has ordered him to have no contact with Stephens.

Statkiewicz’s rap sheet includes convictions for theft, obstruction, and carrying on open container of alcohol. He was also convicted last year of felony battery for pummeling a male victim. Statkiewicz was sentenced in that case to 18 months probation. (2 pages)