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Woman Set Fire Trying To Burn Ex’s Love Letters

Cops: Nebraska blaze caused $4000 in damage

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Love Letters Blaze

SEPTEMBER 18--The next time Ariauna Lillard decides to destroy some love letters from an ex-boyfriend, she will probably opt for a shredder, not a small butane torch.

The 19-year-old Nebraska woman set a fire in her Lincoln apartment Monday afternoon that caused $4000 in damage, according to police.

Investigators say Lillard (seen at right) attempted to torch a small batch of love notes, but when the paper did not appear to catch on fire, she placed the notes on a bedroom carpet and proceeded to take a nap.

What Lillard did not realize was that the letters apparently were smoldering as she dozed off. Her sleep was subsequently disrupted by the sound of a smoke detector going off in the third-floor apartment. Lillard awoke to the bedroom carpet in flames.

Lillard, who was alone in the residence, escaped without any injuries, and the flames were quickly doused by Lincoln firefighters. The fire did not damage any other units in the rental complex (pictured below).

Cited for negligent burning, Lillard is scheduled for an October 16 court appearance. (1 page)