Tiny Payout In TSA Breast Exposure Lawsuit

Texan, 24, paid $2350 to settle airport frisking claim

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TSA Pays Up

JUNE 1--The U.S. government paid a paltry $2350 to settle a lawsuit brought by a Texas woman who sued the Transportation Security Administration after her breasts were exposed during a vigorous frisking at a Texas airport, records show.

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the Department of Justice released a copy of the settlement agreement reached earlier this year with Lynsie Murley, the 24-year-old Amarillo woman who sued the TSA for negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress in connection with the May 2008 incident at the Corpus Christi airport.

The eight-page agreement notes that the settlement does not constitute an admission by government officials of any “liability, fault or wrongdoing.” It also stipulates that legal fees paid to Murley’s lawyers were not to exceed 25 percent of the settlement amount (or $587.50).

Murley, pictured above, charged in her lawsuit that she was “singled out for extended search procedures,” and that a TSA agent frisked her and “pulled Plaintiff’s blouse completely down, exposing Plaintiff’s breasts to everyone in the area.”

TSA employees, Murley added, “joked and laughed about the incident for an extended period of time.” After leaving the security line to be “consoled by an acquaintance who had brought her to the airport,” Murley returned to the line, where a male TSA worker said that he had wished he was there when she first passed through. The employee, Murley recalled, added that “he would just have to watch the video.” The incident left Murley “extremely embarrassed and humiliated,” according to her complaint.

In January, when U.S. District Court filings revealed that a settlement had been reached, TSG requested a copy of the document memorializing the deal as well as the amount of money being paid to Murley.

However, Kathy Colvin, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Texas, refused to provide the agreement or any details about the settlement. The settlement was subsequently provided to TSG in response to a FOIA request filed with the Justice Department’s Executive Office for United States Attorneys. (8 pages)

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Just a serious question.... how many "terrorists" have the TSA found in over 10 years of groping seniors, women, babies, and the like? Lemme save you some time Googling the answer.... ZERO. I thought our soldiers fight for OUR FREEDOMS. Oopsie, my mistake. I guess they just want to support any civvy who has never served -- who makes up an inane rule to rob us of just one more civil liberty. (Oopsie again, did I say liberty? Sorry to those of you who value safety over liberty.)
Now, why is it I can never get one of those hot latino TSA guys to frisk me, feel of me, poke their hands (both hands) down in my crotch, feel my buns, etc.?
This is perhaps the single best example of the difference between how male conservatives and liberals view the issue of TSA searches.
Congratulations, you are the proud mother of a 15lbs, 5oz oozing right-wing tea bag Republican.
LOL! Just sitting there stewing in hate and angst I see. Oozing indeed!
After reading a good portion of this thread, I had to post. America the land of the free, in my opinion is slowly becoming the land of the rules. Notice I didn't say Law. Rules being laid down by Agencies, that have little or no Law behind them. That slowly take over the rights Americans have enjoyed since the founding of our great state. Defended by our Armed Forces, in many battles and wars over the years. This new foe the terrorist, whether foreign or domestic is like the bad apple in the truckload. When the whole truckload has to be searched one by one, each apple whether good or bad gets treated as if they are a bad apple Until proven they are not. So you tell me which is worse, having the freedom to go about our daily lives and travel unimpeded, or being treated as guilty until proven innocent. Yes, bad things happen, yes, there are bad people out there. Yes we want to catch the bad people before they hurt innocents and the rest of us. But we want our freedom and our bodies untouched too!
if i take my gloves off and check out her boobs, really check them out, is that ok?
The TSA (Tourism Suppression Agency) is rife with morons and idiots that couldn't otherwise hold down a job. As such they tend to be overzealous in their attempts to curb the scourge of terrorism. Most of these fools couldn't find their a**es with both hands. As with most government slackers, once they have the job there is damn near no way they will ever be fired regardless of how miserably they do their jobs.
Craig - It's been too long. Your still upset about everything? Let me summarize your post. TSA, morons, idiots,overzealous, fools, a**es, government slackers, damn, no way, fired, miserably they do their jobs. Someone need a hug?
Liberal - Ah there it is. The name states in all. How's that for a summary? You probably want me to surrender my guns, vote for reelection of that lying socialist you and the ever liberal media canonized as president and believe that we are unable to make decisions for ourselves so we need government to do it all for us.
He was canonized as president because he was elected president by an overwhelming majority. Yes, we should totally be able to make decisions for ourselves! Unless you're gay or a woman. Then the government needs to step in. Because we're a christian nation! We can't have two consenting adults in the privacy of their home fornicating and buttsexing! Think of the children!
He won the election by a comfortable margin, not "an overwhelming majority". A margin of victory provided by white independents. A constituency he has long since pissed off.
I was a 19 year old Marine riding .50 cal in duece and a half convoy heading to the DMZ, I opened fire on an old woman carrying a sleeping baby. Just before the loudest explosion ever, I noticed the childs' swinging arms, the head was down, yet the eyes were wide open. It had been packed with explosives. Had I hesitated, the convoy would have been split by the baby bomb and we would have been wiped out. I had to take the chance, good guy or bastard? Let TSA do their job and stop whining. Freedom is not free because your enemies when your enemy has no rules of engagement. Wee weiners and saggy breasts deserve search, just in case.
why talk about it here?
1st Amendment right is still the order of the day....he can talk about anything he desires...HE earned that right in about you pumpkin???keep right on rapping tubes ...
It all started when this cop wouldn't leave me alone after I got back from the war. I was chased into the mountains. I then stole an army truck loaded with a M60 and I shot up the town. Then I went on a mission to find some POWs still being held captive. I was able to fight off the Russians and fly them back to the safe zone where I then found a M60 and shot up the command center. So I can totally relate to tubes2222. You are my hero.
@irihscutter21 - This may be one of the greatest comments evah!
Yeah Tubes2222, I remember being in the jungles of Columbia,breaking up a narco production. We were attacked by that thing from Predator.... oh wait I'm making shiat up, just like you. You're so full of it, now get back to your TSA job.
I was on a secret mission on a Navy boat, sent to kill a Col. who went nuts far into Cambodia. I was finally able to complete my mission by chopping the Col. into pieces. Wild times in the DMZ.
Thank you. I have a funny feeling that our hero above was on the very same mission. I'll even bet that when he was in basic training there was a fellow who talked about shrimp farming a lot and another dude who shot his drill sergeant and then sat down on a toilet and killed himself..
The name of your MGySgt, which DMZ, what unit, out of where?
No Master Gunny, GySgt John Williams, escort detail that was volunteered from CAP1, 1stMarDiv out of Nam-O bridge, north of Da Phuoc, near Da Nang, on Highway 1, along with guys from III MAF, 7th EngrBn and FLC at Red Beach, on 1stAirCav's initial movement to Phu Bai, Hue, Con Thien and Khe Sanh to establish artillery points. You can mapquest the towns, I'm sure the bridge is still there and used. Not intended to be a Rambo or Apocalypse story, just a regular assignment in a long, stinking war like Afghanistan will be. And I'm not a liberal, just somebody who hates to see our youngest and brightest, maimed and killed because politicians want to make manly speeches. For the folks that get their jollies playing video games and paintball commando, laughing it off is cool because you'll never understand an enemy scenario where there are no rules of engagement. Kill anyone, anyway you can. Most Americans will never realize just how heinous war can be against zealots who hate all Americans unless they have lost someone. My DI's at Parris Island in '65 had burned *** out of caves on Iwo and Okinawa, had survived the Frozen Chosin and taught us that reality, a reality that people should take seriously. I really don't give a flying fart if anyone believes me or not. It's a moot point. I feel for any poor grunt with boots on the ground today. I wish they were all home, to stay but that's a pipe dream as long as Congress consists of armchair soldiers, who have never been there and their well-heeled kids won't be either. It's easy to talk war if you don't have to go. I'm 64, been there, done that from Nam to Desert Storm and all my buds that didn't come back from my wars and all the other wars, gave you the right to speak your piece. Irishcutter and Currahee, please continue to enjoy that privilege. The point is just don't get too complacent, fanatics love that attitude. It makes it so much easier to do their dirt when inconvenience matter more to us than survival.
tubes2222, Sorry I called you a "wanabe Marine" I can usually spot a wanabe boots on the ground Nam Vet in the first minute of their wanabe BS spewing. In your case I was wrong. I know you can spot one in a heart beat too. Welcome Home Marine............Peace Brother...........
"I eat breakfast 500 yards from an enemy that wants to kill me, you want the truth you can't handle the truth. I would rather you said thank you and be on your way, otherwise stand a post soldier. Vietnam is over, move on. The War we are in now will never end. It is a way of life for all of us now. At least your War ended. Stop comparing Vietnam with the war now. The terrorists drew first blood on our land. "Charlie" didn't, we stuck our nose in a war that we never should have wasted our time with in Vietnam. Sorry for your lose, but move on or get some help, medication whatever it takes.
irishcutter21, I too love that passionate movie line from the Marine Bird Colonel. It was my exact feeling for all the millions with their head stuck in the sand, enjoying their freedom and liberty on the backs of our Military standing their post. As for Vietnam being over..........It will never be over for all the Marines, Soldiers, and Sailors that served in Nam. When America reads the headline, The Last Vietnam Veteran Passed Away will be over. As for "your lose"............we did not lose......... As for "medication".........just keep taking all those poison slow kill vaccines and SSIR drugs being force on our Troops today. The DU is a slow kill for your generation of War Vets, just AO was the slow kill for Nam Vets. Remember this irishcutter21, history repeats its self.....this tyrannical government and industrial war machine will do to you the same to you as it did to us. Be warned and protect yourself the best you can. Peace Brother
What part of the Vietnam War provided me freedom????? What exactly did we accomplish in the Vietnam war, except shipping back a bunch of dead soldiers?????????? Your just pissed at your government for sending you over to a place we had no business being at in the first place.
tubes2222 Welcome home forgot to mention the Esso plant north of Nam-O bridge with the French concrete bunkers. I've learn to disregard hurtful comments from those who never experienced combat, firefights and the dredful things you try to erase from memory. Parris Island, 1st Batt(me-old barracks), across from the parade field. You know what that means, but someone who was never in the Corps has no idea what it means-like 3rd Batt(newer barracks) near rifle range-they have no idea. Enjoy life, ignore the poggie-bait armchair generals back here in the world who get their experience from watching reruns of rambo movies. OoooRah!
Mea culpa. Peace brother.
I'm sure it was Gunnery Sgt.Hartman,he was Hard but fair you know?
In '65, Sgt Ermey (Gunny Hartman) was back from Nam and a DI at PI in 3rdBn, I was a boot in 1stBn. He still shoots in the National Matches at Camp Perry every summer, loves the M1 and is a darn good shot and a nice guy. Come on down, the matches are open to civilians as long as you're not a felon or mentally incompetent. Teddy Roosevelt set it up that way over a 100 years ago to be sure Americans would be ready when needed. for match entry info and the USAMU Small Arms Firing Schools. 100 degrees, no shade, a 100+ shooters on the line at 600 yds beats the hell out of Medal of Honor Xbox in your air conditioned den. Might make you appreciate what the guys who fight for your freedom go through. Hint:if you really want to have some fun, give your thumbs a break and sign up for the President's 100, earn some real bragging points.
tubes2222-"Camp Perry"....ever visit "the gift shop" in Langley???
LOL! True enough. I sure wish half the liberals I've seen on huffpoo and places like this, who claim military experience, actually had boots on the ground in some of the sh1tholes I've been in. Perhaps then maybe they'd be less interested in seeing caskets being offloaded from planes and ships and flags burned at capital buildings. Forgot, they're OK with that stuff now.
I hate stepping in sh1tholes. Especially because I wear flip flops... Relax Fred, us liberals are not the enemy. A sincere thank you for your service.
"I hate stepping in sh1tholes." We know. "us liberals are not the enemy"; How many links do you think the average person could come up with in five minutes of liberals being pals with the folks trying to kill us or help others to do it? Trust me on this, a lot.
Ohhhhh, your crazy. Thats cool.
Run along now.
Do farts have lumps, otherwise I just pooped in my pants.
WebMD it.
"The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire."— Robert A. Heinlein The only political labels of consequence are those that honor this divide. The TSA are tools of tyrants, and its supporters are either tyrant 'wanna-be's or sheep. The rest of us are people of Liberty and Freedom.
A national Stop TSA NOW organization is being considered respond to [email protected] if interested in helping or know someone who is interested.
The point is, we're losing all our rights! The point is NOT who they grope, but we shouldn't be groped at all!
I'm 75, decorated retired Naval Officer that previously help higher security clearances than TSA combined. With knee implant, always the pat down. Last time with belt and shoes off, skinny butt, they pulled my pants down when patting down my legs. Actually, we all had a good laugh after I learned the TSA employee was new,as he was being supervised, and he said, "I've never done that before!" His instructor said, "He's the first one you ever searched!" They were most apologetic as it was accidental. If we had profiling I would never have to go through the body search, but I did get a good laugh. It's all attitude!
And..... party affiliation. A couple of years ago folks like you were outraged that 9/11 accomplices were water boarded and foreign cell phone calls snooped. These days, it bothers the left not the least that instead of interrogations we send in a drone and take out the entire family, including the neighbors, their children and half the neighborhood. When just so very recently it outraged you folks that people's back packs were being searched in the NY subways.... today because barry told you so, you have no problem with little girls being groped and women’s privates exposed in the airport.
That may be, but attitude, in this case, was very poor, as was judgement. The 'officials' should know better, in this day and age, than to make such crude and harassing comments. I know many that, were they present, would likely be in jail for assault for belting this jackass for that comment to a woman who was obviously distressed and humiliated.
How much is your dignity worth? We need to dismantle the TSA and move on - it was a mistake!
the govt. tells us they can not profile mussilums, but they{ they, the t s a ]can sure pick out women, kids and anybody but musslims to mullest or run thur the screener that they want to , but again we cain't profile mussilums. guess which group is trying to kill american!!
Yeah, and wasn't THAT the purpose of this anyway? To find TERRORISTS!? And they don't search the obvious suspects. I call BS!! I'm getting dang tired of losing all my rights, while Obummer gives them to muslims!!
Most homegrown terrorists are white, just like you. (I assume you're white). The Unabomber, Timothy McVeigh and various other members of far right wing militias are far more dangerous than "mussulims" because they're right here on American soil and cannot be investigated by the CIA due to the fact that they are not foreign nationals. I would not want a fellow American citizen who happens to be of Muslim origin to be harrassed by the TSA NAZIs because old conservative midwestern white people are scared. It would be the height of injustice to harass an Arab American of Jewish or Christian origin, or even a Muslim who is an atheist, because you're afraid of the very religious fanatics that persecute these people in their ancestral homelands. The only way to prevent terrorism is to increase the budget and capability of the CIA and military intelligence to investigate known terrorists overseas and stop them before they even attempt to reach our shores. What the TSA is doing is simply conditioning people for a police state. The sheep will accept it, but freedom-loving Americans will fight it. I suggest that you and people like you either educate yourselves more fully about the world or do us all a favor and STFU. Thank goodness people like you are insignificant and do not hold any decision-making power.
"Most homegrown terrorists are white, just like you." Really? Since 2001, how many white terrorists have murdered Americans. Not criminals sparky, terrorists. You get right on this will you. It's not enough just being a DailyKos parrot.
It's hard to assume anything about the commenters on this website. So, it's not an injustice for the TSA Nazis to harrass innocent, white conservatives who aren't terrorsts? A Muslim who is an athiest??? Now, you're just being silly. You are correct, though about us being set up for a police state. But, you have to harden your thinking and not fall for the media hype that most homegrown terrorists are white conservatives. The media doesn't always report everything they know. They try to refrain from reporting the many arrests and on-going investigtions of foreigners and home grown Americans of foreign ancestry. And of course, they don't report on or they downplay any terroristic crimes committed by liberals, no matter what race they are. When Jared Loughner did what he did, they denied his leftist views and were glad to report that he was too insane to stand trial. That to me is quite interesting because it's well known that liberalism (which is left-wing thinking) is a mental disorder, so there's quite a few loose cannons walking around amongst us and even leading our country.