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"Tiny" Taunt Lands Felon Back Behind Bars

Cops: Man beat ex after texts about size of his manhood

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"Tiny" Attack

AUGUST 30--A Florida Man is behind bars on battery and burglary charges after allegedly attacking a former girlfriend who taunted him via text about having a “little penis,” according to an arrest affidavit.

Police allege that Rashad McGriff, 30, punched and choked the victim early yesterday after showing up uninvited at her Vero Beach home. McGriff, who has a lengthy rap sheet, is currently on probation following a conviction in March for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

McGriff, the victim told police, is the father of her three children.

Investigators say that the 42-year-old woman was in her bed when McGriff got into the house, “which he has no commitments to.” McGriff then allegedly punched the woman in the face and choked her, which “obstructed her ability to breathe temporarily.”

The woman--who was bleeding from the bridge of her nose--told police that she had texted McGriff a photo of someone else’s penis, and “advised Rashad he had a little penis.” McGriff did not respond to those texts, she added, but instead arrived at her residence around midnight Tuesday.

Seen above, McGriff had departed the woman’s home before cops arrived. McGriff, who is listed as a cook in jail records, was arrested last night and booked into the county jail on $16,000 bond.

McGriff is scheduled for arraignment in the battery and burglary case on October 19. He will also likely face a probation violation charge in connection with his 2023 gun conviction.

A judge today ordered McGriff to have no contact with the victim, who told police that she was in fear of McGriff because he had stated, “I’ll kill you, bitch.”

The woman has previously sued McGriff three times for failure to pay child support, records show. A court hearing has been scheduled for October 12 in the most recent domestic relations case, which was filed two months ago. (2 pages)