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Drugged Driver Offers Police Unique Excuse

Wisconsin man tried to snort powder in front of cops

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NOVEMBER 30--After repeatedly being told that he was under arrest for narcotics possession and other assorted crimes, Kenny Ignasiak was still having a hard time accepting that he was handcuffed in the back of a Wisconsin police cruiser.

“Why? There’s no rules about driving around with cocaine,” Ignasiak declared.

Ignasiak, 34, was collared Friday afternoon following a hit and run incident in Sturtevant, a village 25 miles south of Milwaukee. Ignasiak was behind the wheel of a Pontiac Grand Prix when cops approached him at a Mobil gas station.

Officers initially planned to cite Ignasiak for reckless driving. However, his legal troubles quickly escalated when he began tapping out a white powder “into a line.” With a “white plastic pen body” in his hand, Ignasiak then “leaned over the powder as if to inhale it through the pen.”

After being warned that he would be tased if he “did not put down the powder,” Ignasiak complied with the demands of cops, who then yanked him out of his car and placed him in handcuffs.

Ignasiak, who reportedly “admitted to consuming alcohol and cocaine earlier in the day,” replied, “Fuck no!” when asked if he would consent to an evidentiary blood draw. The agitated Ignasiak allegedly screamed and threatened officers who explained the charges.

Though Ignasiak contended there were no rules regarding “driving around with cocaine,” a test of the powder he sought to snort revealed that it did not contain cocaine. Cops believe that the powder was likely a crushed Oxycodone pill, two of which were found in the Pontiac’s cup holder.

Ignasiak was charged with narcotics possession, disorderly conduct, resisting an officer, possession of drug paraphernalia, and operating a vehicle while under the influence. Free on bond, Ignasiak--who has two prior OWI convictions--is scheduled for a December 8 preliminary hearing in Circuit Court.

The above Facebook photo shows Ignasiak behind the wheel of a Chevrolet. (3 pages)