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Man Arrested For Snickers Fusillade

Cops: Workers hit in 1:20 AM airborne attack

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Snickers Battery

SEPTEMBER 5--A Florida Man was arrested early yesterday after allegedly pelting a pair of Walgreens workers with Snickers bars during a 1:20 AM confrontation, police report.

The employees were not injured in the candy fusillade.

Cops say that Idel Noy-Quesada, 23, tangled with workers after unsuccessfully trying to buy cigarettes at a Walgreens store in Clearwater.

Noy-Quesada had shown a photo of an ID card, but “was refused service due to the business’s policy,” according to a criminal complaint.

Denied his smokes, Noy-Quesada reportedly became “irate” and began throwing Snickers bars at a female employee, who was hit in the face by the airborne candy, which contains nougat, caramel, and peanuts, all of which are enrobed in milk chocolate.

A second worker then told Noy-Quesada to leave the store, but he refused.

Instead, Noy-Quesada, who appeared intoxicated­­, allegedly threw several Snickers bars at the other Walgreens employee, striking him in the chest.

While Noy-Quesada claimed he didn’t mean to throw the candy at the second worker, surveillance footage showed that he “was very intentional where he directed the Snickers bars.” Additionally, two of the defendant’s cousins corroborated the female worker’s statement that Noy-Quesada threw Snickers bars at her.

Seen above, Noy-Quesada was arrested on a pair of misdemeanor battery counts. He was booked into the county jail, from which he was released Monday morning after posting $1000 bond. (2 pages)