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Police: Man Reported Assault Over S'mores

Couple argued over making sweet treat

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S'Mores Dispute

JUNE 21--A South Carolina man told cops that his girlfriend of two weeks assaulted him during “an argument over making S’mores” early Saturday morning, according to an incident report.

Responding to an assault call from a Myrtle Beach residence, police interviewed the couple, both of whom said that they quarreled over the graham cracker/chocolate/marshmallow delicacy.

But while the 45-year-old woman said the dispute “never got physical and was verbal only,” her 54-year-old boyfriend alleged that she struck him during the S’mores dispute.

“The victim and offender have been dating for about 2 weeks and lived together the whole time,” a Myrtle Beach Police Department cop noted.

Since the man had no bruises or marks to corroborate his claim--and no other witnesses were present during the alleged assault--there “was not enough to make an arrest on the offender,” police reported.

An incident report does not offer any specifics of the couple's S’mores discord. (1 page)