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Felon Gets Honest With Florida Cops

Suspect, 33, offers frank description of occupation

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Small Time Dealer

JULY 8--A convicted felon nabbed Wednesday on gun and narcotics charges offered Florida cops a unique post-arrest statement, according to court records.

Jarvis Dorsey, 33, was collared by St. Petersburg patrolmen responding to a 911 call about a man with a gun. After chasing Dorsey through a series of backyards, cops tackled the suspect and placed him in handcuffs. During the pursuit, cops report, Dorsey discarded a loaded firearm.

During a subsequent search of Dorsey, officers located painkillers in a pill bottle, a discovery that prompted the suspect to spontaneously offer up a description of his occupation.

“I’m just a small time drug dealer trying to make a dollar,” said Dorsey, who is nicknamed “Jig.”

That explanation, as it were, did not keep cops from charging Dorsey with narcotics possession, resisting an officer, and weapons possession. The Largo resident is locked up in lieu of $26,000 bond.

Dorsey’s rap sheet shows that his criminal repertoire exceeds that of a “small time drug dealer.” He has been busted for battery; marijuana possession; disorderly intoxication; aggravated assault; armed burglary; domestic battery; narcotics possession; and assault on a law enforcement officer. (3 pages)