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Pizzeria Pistolero Gets Popped By Police

Cops: Arkansas gunman blew top over toppings

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Pizzeria Pistolero

JULY 1--An Arkansas man shot out the front window of a Little Rock pizzeria after arguing with an employee about a purported paucity of toppings on a pie he ordered, police allege.

Michael Brown, 44, was arrested on multiple felony charges following a violent confrontation Monday afternoon at the Pie Five restaurant.

According to a Little Rock Police Department report, after Brown and a female acquaintance placed an order, Brown “became upset about the portion size of the order.” Specifically, Brown thought he was shorted on his pizza’s toppings (a further description of which is not contained in court records).

When Brown asked to speak with a manager, worker Eboni Smith called her supervisor and handed the phone to Brown (seen above). Brown subsequently “threw the phone at Ms. Smith striking her on the side of the face.” After another Pie Five employee asked Brown to leave, he “began arguing and went outside.”

Brown retreated to his work van and “walked back to the business holding a gun.” Brown was unable to enter the pizzeria since a worker had locked the front door. Unable to gain entry, Brown “shot out the glass to the front door,” cops charge.

Brown then drove away from the restaurant in a white van carrying the name of his drain cleaning business and the firm’s 800 number.

During a police interview, Brown reportedly admitted that he was angered by “the portion size of the food he was given at Pie Five” and “got more upset and threw the phone.” He then “stated he went to his work van and grabbed the gun and shout out” the pizzeria’s window.

Brown was arrested and charged with six felony Terrorist Act counts, and a misdemeanor battery rap. (3 pages)