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Customer Cited For Pizza Hut Order Rage

Wisconsin man faces disorderly conduct rap

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Pizza Hut Rage

NOVEMBER 4--A Wisconsin man is facing a disorderly conduct charge after allegedly threatening Pizza Hut workers because there was “not enough cheese on his extra cheese pizza,” investigators report.

The 25-year-old defendant, whose name was redacted from a report released by police, ordered a “personal pan pizza with extra cheese” last Monday morning from a Pizza Hut in the village of Weston.

About five minutes after the man left the restaurant with his order, his girlfriend returned, pizza in hand, and said it “wasn’t right and it didn’t have enough cheese on it.” A worker offered to remake the pizza, but “assured her it would be the same as the first pizza,” according to an Everest Metro Police Department report.

The girlfriend, cops noted, replied that “her boyfriend wouldn’t eat it and then she walked over to the garbage can and threw it in the trash and left the building.”

A few minutes later, the "agitated" male customer reappeared in the Pizza Hut and began “yelling, screaming, and acting strange,” according to a witness. The man refused an offer of a new pizza and made a comment about employees possibly spitting in his food.

A Pizza Hut employee who told police she was “afraid because of the male’s yelling and screaming” called 911. While the customer and his girlfriend were gone when officers arrived at the restaurant, a Pizza Hut manager provided cops with the license plate of the couple’s vehicle and the phone number from which their takeout order was placed.

When police subsequently tracked down the customer, he “stated he does not believe he should be issued a citation because he is an American and works hard.” The man, who denied yelling and swearing at Pizza Hut workers, said he planned on pleading not guilty when he appeared in Municipal Court. (3 pages)