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Gunman Sought In Ohio McMuffin Rage Incident

Perp was angry egg sandwiches not being sold

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McMuffins Rage

NOVEMBER 2--An angry drive-thru customer pulled a handgun on a McDonald’s employee after being told that the Ohio restaurant was not selling McMuffin sandwiches, according to police.

Investigators say that a Ford Taurus with “two unknown black male occupants” pulled up yesterday at around 4 AM to the drive-thru window at a McDonald’s in Warren, a city outside Youngstown.

“The males were not happy that McMuffins were not being sold at the time,” a Warren Police Department report notes.

The driver, wearing a black skull cap and black hoodie, then “brandished a black firearm,” cops say. The man stated “What, Bitch?” and “Fuck You, bitch,” to the 33-year-old female McDonald’s employee.

The suspect and his companion, both about 20 years old, then drove off.

Police are seeking to identify the McMuffin devotees, images of whom were not captured by security cameras at the McDonald’s (seen below). The incident has been classified as aggravated menacing. (1 page)