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Woman Attacked McDonald's Staff Over A Cookie

Ohioan, 24, gets 90 days for drive-thru rage

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Cookie Clobber

SEPTEMBER 10--An Ohio woman will spend 90 days in jail after admitting that she attacked several McDonald’s workers after discovering that her drive-thru order did not contain a cookie.

In a plea deal, Daja Tucker, 24, copped to assault and criminal damage charges in connection with an April confrontation at a McDonald’s in Parma, a city outside Cleveland.

According to cops, Tucker was intoxicated when she tangled with the workers around 10:15 PM. Angry that she had been shorted a cookie, Tucker climbed through the drive-thru window and fought with the employees, one of whom Tucker spit on.

Police citations and an incident report accused Tucker of “causing alarm at the McDonald’s drive-thru by starting a fight with the employees,” as well as damaging the window itself.

In sentencing Tucker this week, Municipal Court Judge Timothy Gilligan called the assault “truly shocking.” While playing McDonald’s surveillance footage of the incident, Gilligan said, “At this point you spit on her. You just spit on her during this pandemic. And what’s the reason for your attack? You didn’t get your cookie.”

After Tucker acknowledged that the missing cookie prompted the assault, Gilligan said, “Because you didn’t get your cookie, this is the proper response.”

The McDonald’s workers Tucker attacked suffered scratches and bruises, police say. The scene of the crime is seen below.

Tucker, pictured above, is expected to soon begin serving her sentence at the Cuyahoga County Correction Center. (5 pages)