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Cops: Man Stole Judge's Gavel From Courtroom

Camera captured out-of-order thief’s pilferage


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Stolen Gavel

APRIL 8--Earlier this week, Magistrate Daniel Cook, who handles small claims cases in Lorain, Ohio, was on the bench when he reached for his gavel and discovered it was missing. After checking “every possible place it could be,” police reported, Cook concluded that someone had actually stolen his gavel.

Court personnel then reviewed surveillance video from days earlier and spotted an unknown male stealing the wooden gavel. The alleged thief, staffers realized, was accompanied by a second man who “was in court on that day trying to get his license back,” according to a Lorain Police Department report.

In short order, cops identified the suspect as Christopher Collins, and prosecutors secured an arrest warrant for the 47-year old. Collins, pictured in the mug shot at right, was then arrested at his residence, where he was questioned about the “whereabouts of the gavel.”

Collins, police noted, “admitted to stealing the gavel, but stated he did not have it at the house.” He claimed to have received a ride home from the courthouse from “a male he barely knows,” and left the gavel in the man’s vehicle.

Collins yesterday was booked into the Lorain County jail on a petty theft charge. The police report offers no insight as to why he allegedly sought to commit a crime inside Municipal Court. (2 pages)

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I know this man personally, he would of never took a gavel from the judge he might of thought it was a pipe
Deborahhickey........It's "I" before "E" or use spellcheck please my dyslexia is acting up on me today. Thief: one that steals especially stealthily or secretly; also : one who commits theft or larceny..... I flunked out of my 5Th grade spelling bee on the word "B-R-I-D-G-E".
Or maybe he is just a theif, ever thought about that. He may not even be a registered voter and chances are he don't care what is going on in the world, becasue he is a selfish theif.
Oh no, deborah. You must be new here. We have to take every issue on TSG and immediately turn it into a political flame war. Someone stole something? Must be a entitled liberal. Someone got in a fight? Has to be a selfish conservative. Etc, etc...You will find most commentators on here barely have enough sense to know how to breathe.
I agree wholeheartedly!
This guy is definitely a card-carrying Democrat schmooze. Only a long-haired unwashed leftist liberal would feel high-and-mighty and delusional enough to "stick it to the man" by stealing a gavel. LOL Life would be comparatively blander without you conservative dumb-dumbs giving us countless demonstrations of stupidity as a result of thousands of years of inbreeding. For our entertainment, I thank you.
not is the guy who cracked on dems blind he is also stupid..... more than likely he knows all about being stuck.......
You forgot to change 'conservative dumb-dumbs.' LOL! You Republicans are a hoot.
There isn't enough information to tell what affiliation he was. He most likely did it for the thrill of stealing it from the judge, just another way of getting something over on someone. A continuation of a criminal thought pattern. Gavels aren't necessarily expensive. Google "buy gavel" He's just stupid and thinks he's clever. His actions are propelling him on the downward economic spiral he's creating. Unintended consequences.. what a way to increase your burden in life.
he just a dumb ass that wants to a lawyer, now he thinks he is a judge, and his action shows he is smart enought to be one.. if u have one idiot, that a shame ,if its two that a law firm, and three is congress
I totally get that democrats are statistically more educated and worldly, as evidenced by multiple studies (google them) and that education and experience are denounced as "elitism". But what does it say about anybody who thinks there are only two ways to see the world, democrat or republican, and that one view is enlightened while the other is hateful/ignorant/anti-American? Is that really all there is? Only two party line ways of thinking? The entirely correct and the entirely wrong? Anyone trapped in that mindset is also a member of the party of suckers. I'll admit you're true Americans regardless, for embracing the easy way out.
Some years ago, someone stole the Municipal Court judges gavel in the county I live in and made a pipe for smoking dope out of it. This was back when you could get jail time for possession of a stem & a seed (that happened to a friend of mine). Guess it was somebody's idea of irony.
This Perp out of Lorain came to the courthouse w/his homey , so chances are he has a rapsheet, works at McD's, and thinks Obama is doing a good job.yuk yuk yuk
Maybe he was practicing to be Thor, the god of thunder. Are you Thor? I Thure am, especially after going to jail. hehehehe
He stole the erect gavel because he is a hardliner tea bagger patriot-he planned to sit on the wooden handle of the magic gavel and rotate counterclockwise at a high rate of speed and then pass it along to the rest of his tea bagger patriots across this nation-from sea to shinning sea...
Or!!! Maybe he is an idiot entitlement class Dem whom is too stupid to realize he was on camera the entire time he was in the courthouse. Crack kills man!
Oooo, you're nasty. You're obviously in need of help for your intolerance and hatred. Your sex-laden rants indicate that you're disturbed and could turn violent at any time. Are you sure you're not Jared Loughner's doppleganger? What an embarrassment you must be to the other leftists who claim to be compassionate, non-violent peace lovers. It's too bad you can't make a point about anything without all the nastiness. What has happened in your life that makes you lash out in such a way? Were you not given the attention you craved when you were a child?
Jared Lee Loughner is a REPUBLICAN. I bet you look a lot like him.
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Or, he could be a Republican and decided that the taxpayers bought the gavel and have a right to take it back, sell it, and call it Capitalism.
Hey bandit, Are you too dumb to see you've described an entitlement class Dem? Not a Repub!?
There are a few possibilities as to why the dummy stole the gavel: 1. He thought if he took the 'magic' gavel away, the judge would lose his power to rule against his friend. 2. He always wanted to be a judge, himself so he took the 'magic' gavel for it's 'powers'. 3. The dummy is a Democrat (most likely the case) and he just wanted to give the 'magic' gavel (though it has shrunk in size) back to Nancy Pelosi. Alright, I'll be the first to say it......"Here come da judge!"