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Lewd Offering Was On Menu At IHOP

Floridian, 24, accosted diners enjoying 3 AM nosh

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Lewd IHOP Offer

FEBRUARY 24--A Florida Man was arrested early Saturday morning after allegedly “offering to show his genitals” to “everyone” trying to enjoy a 3 AM meal at an IHOP, court records show.

According to police, Allan Ibanez, 24, entered the Clearwater restaurant and “began approaching random tables and patrons offering to show his genitals and showing them condoms.”

Ibanez, seen at right, was asked to leave by IHOP management, but he “continued to offer to show his genitals to everyone in the establishment,” a criminal complaint alleges. “This left patrons uncomfortable and wanting to leave.”

Cops who arrested Ibanez for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, noted that he had engaged in several instances of “disruptive behavior” earlier in the evening (for which he was not busted).

Ibanez spent about 11 hours in custody before being freed from the Pinellas County jail on his own recognizance.

But two hours after his release, Ibanez was again arrested. Police charge that he stole “two gas station donuts” worth $1.98 from a Speedway in Largo.

Ibanez, who consumed one of the donuts while inside the convenience store, reportedly copped to the theft when confronted by police. But he claimed that he intended to provide the uneaten donut “to law enforcement because he believes ‘All cops love donuts.’”

Ibanez, who lives in Palm Harbor, a community 10 miles north of Clearwater, is locked up in lieu of $250 bond. (2 pages)