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Drive-Thru Worker Kicked In Hush Puppy Rage

Customer became "irate" over deep-fried delicacy

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Hush Puppy Rage

JANUARY 3--A pregnant employee was kicked in the stomach after a drive-thru customer at a Long John Silver’s in Indiana became “irate” upon being told that the restaurant would not sell a single hush puppy, according to a police report.

The 20-year-old victim was working yesterday afternoon at the Evansville eatery when “a customer came through the drive thru and requested one hush puppy,” cops say.

When the worker told the fritter fan that the seafood chain only sold the deep-fried delicacy in orders of two, the driver became incensed and “yelled a racial slur at the victim while at the drive thru window.”

A second woman in the car “then began calling the restaurant numerous times demanding to speak to the manager.”  The passenger then entered the Long John Silver’s and “began throwing things around” before she “kicked the victim in the stomach and ran from the store.”

“The victim is pregnant but is unsure if the suspect knew this when she kicked her,” the report states.

The assailant ran from the eatery (seen below) to a nearby parking lot, where she jumped into a Toyota Camry that “was waiting with the driver in it.” The duo sped off before witnesses could record the vehicle’s license plate.

Employees described the driver as a black woman, aged 30-40, who was wearing a purple shirt and a brown scarf. The assailant, cops noted, was “described as a black female, unknown age, wearing scrub pants and a gray hoodie.” Investigators classified the hush puppy rage incident as a misdemeanor battery.

A pair of hush puppies--made from corn meal batter--costs $1.95. (1 page)