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Story Of The Tryst In The Foggy Maserati

Duo caught sans clothes in police HQ lot

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Foggy Maserati

SEPTEMBER 5--The Michigan couple cited for trysting in a car parked outside police headquarters was found clothes-free in the cramped rear seat of a Maserati sports car, according to an incident report which notes that the duo chose the spot because “the parking was free and the police department is a safe place to be.”

Just after midnight on August 1, a cop in Birmingham, a Detroit suburb, returned to the police headquarters lot and noticed a “running white sports car with its lights on” parked in a spot reserved for municipal vehicles. The Maserati Ghibli’s rear windows were fogged up and the officer spotted “what appeared to be a male with no shirt or pants on and a female with no shirt on” in the rear seats.

The officer shined a flashlight into the car, but the occupants did not open a door or window and made no attempt to acknowledge the officer.

When a second cop arrived, the passengers finally exited the 2015 Maserati in a “very disheveled" state. Klajdi Mataj, 24, was missing his shoes, had only one sock on, and was wearing his shirt inside out. The zipper to his pants was also down and he “seemed very flustered,” police reported. Sarah Al-Najjar, 25, was also shoeless and had her shirt on inside out.

The pair denied having sex in the Maserati, claiming that they were just “kissing and cuddling.” But, cops noted, “Neither subject could give a clear answer as to why they did not have any clothes on.” A review of surveillance video showed the couple spent more than 90 minutes in the rear of the Maserati before their encounter was interrupted by police.

Asked about his choice of parking spot, Mataj, a mortgage loan banker, replied that he “parked the vehicle here because the parking was free and the police department is a safe place to be.”

After the couple was issued citations, they returned to the Maserati. With the car’s doors open, police heard Al-Najjar tell Mataj, “I told you we shouldn’t have parked here.”

Though Mataj and Al-Najjar were charged with disorderly conduct, local prosecutors do not appear interested in pursuing the misdemeanor matter. Mataj’s case was dismissed yesterday, while Al-Najjar is scheduled for a September 23 court appearance. (2 pages)