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Dipping Sauce Rage Results In Man's Arrest

Cops: McNuggets dispute led to bomb threat

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Dipping Sauce Threat

JUNE 28--After realizing that dipping sauce was not included with his Chicken McNuggets order, an Iowa man called his local McDonald’s and threatened to blow up the restaurant, according to investigators.

Robert Golwitzer, 42, was arrested Saturday evening and charged with making a false report about an explosive or incendiary device, a felony.

Golwitzer allegedly phoned in a threat to a McDonald’s five miles from his home in Ankeny, a Des Moines suburb.

The phone threat, cops charge, came after Golwitzer discovered that his McDonald’s order was bereft of dipping sauces.

The threatening call to the restaurant was placed “from a phone number associated with [Golwitzer],” according to a criminal complaint. In addition to claiming that he would “blow up” the eatery, Golwitzer threatened to assault an employee, police say.

When questioned by cops, Golwitzer admitted he “called the victim and made threats,” the complaint states. Pictured above, Golwitzer was released early yesterday from the Polk County jail after posting bond.

The criminal complaint does not specify which flavor (or flavors) of dipping sauce allegedly drove Golwitzer to felonious conduct. (2 pages)