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World's Worst Bank Robber Is Apprehended

Suspect deposited stolen money in branch ATM

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Wells Fargo Robber

DECEMBER 15--Moments after robbing a Wells Fargo branch in Delaware, a man deposited some of the stolen loot in an ATM outside the bank’s front door, according to police who arrested the suspect on a felony charge.

Investigators say that McRoberts Williams, 44, approached a teller Saturday morning at a crowded Wells Fargo in Wilmington and handed her a note reading “This is a robbery, I need $150.”

After the 25-year-old bank employee provided Williams with cash, he fled the bank. But instead of racing from the crime scene like your average bank robber, Williams exited the Wells Fargo and “made a deposit in the atm on the exterior of the building,” the Delaware State Police report.

The Wells Fargo branch (and its yellow-framed ATM machines) are pictured above.

Following the ill-advised pit stop, Williams (seen at right) fled on foot to a nearby shopping center where he was taken into custody by state troopers.

As alleged in a probable cause affidavit, Williams told police that, “the money had been deposited and was no longer on his person.” A detective reported that while no money was recovered from Williams, he was “in possession of a Wells Fargo bank card.”

During a post-arrest interview, Williams reportedly confessed to the bank robbery and said that the stolen cash was “immediately deposited...back into the Wells Fargo ATM.” He claimed to have traveled to Delaware “by riding on the exterior of a cargo train” and that “his mind is currently being controlled by a third party via an implant located somewhere in his body.”  

Williams has been charged with a felony robbery count and is locked up in lieu of $6000 bond. (3 pages)