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Police: Woman Nabbed After CPAP Battery

Ex-husband left bloody following 3:45 AM incident

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CPAP Battery

AUGUST 2--A Florida Man who already has sleep challenges, was battered early yesterday by his ex-wife, who ripped a CPAP machine off his face while he was snoozing, according to cops who report that the victim was left bloody after the 3:45 AM incident.

Investigators say Jennifer Colandrea, 42, and the victim live together in a St. Petersburg home owned by the 42-year-old man. Colandrea and her ex-spouse divorced in 2009, records show.

According to the man, he was asleep in his bed early Monday--CPAP in place--when Colandrea “came into the room and ripped” the breathing device off his face, leaving him with a bloody cut on his lower lip. Colandrea then “began arguing with him,” according to an arrest affidavit.

Using mild air pressure, the CPAP machine helps keep a user’s breathing airways clear while they sleep.

Seen above, Colandrea was arrested for domestic battery, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail (from which she was released yesterday afternoon on her own recognizance). A judge has ordered Colandrea to have no contact with her former husband.

While an arrest affidavit does not indicate why Colandrea was living with her ex, the residential arrangement appears recent. Last year, the victim was arrested following a domestic confrontation with a woman whom he had been in a “romantic relationship” for 12 years. That domestic battery case was dropped by prosecutors. (1 page)