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Woman Arrested For Chicken Nuggets Battery

Cops: Floridian, 20, pelted her brother

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Nugget Battery

JULY 31--A chicken nugget fusillade has landed a Florida woman behind bars, cops say.

Asia Iesha Jimenez, 20, was feeding her one-year-old son Saturday afternoon when “her brother decided to grab some food from her plate,” according to a police report.

As Jimenez’s sibling started to eat the pilfered grub, she reportedly “became upset and threw several chicken nuggets at him and told him to stop.” Upon being pelted with the nuggets, Jimenez’s brother retaliated by hitting and throwing water on his sister.

The duo, who tangled in their family’s Bradenton residence, was separated by their mother. Jimenez’s child “witnessed the altercation and was not harmed,” a cop noted.

By the time police arrived at the home, Jimenez’s brother had already departed. It does not appear as if he was injured by the thrown chicken.

Jimenez, seen above, was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery. She remains in custody this afternoon at the Manatee County jail.

Earlier this month, a pregnant Vero Beach woman was arrested for pelting her brother with frosted cupcakes during a 1:45 AM argument (2 pages)