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Woman Hit Wrong Man With Burrito, Cops Say

Victim beaned with airborne Mexican delicacy

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Burrito Misfire

JULY 17--A burrito thrown by a woman at a Florida restaurant missed its intended target, instead hitting a male victim in the face, according to police who arrested the alleged food tosser.

Investigators were called Wednesday evening to Rick’s Reef, a St. Pete Beach eatery, due to a “female subject yelling at customers.”

The woman in question was Sarah Anne Kochera, 46, who lives with her boyfriend at his condo just down Gulf Boulevard from Rick’s.

A witness told police that Kochera “was in a verbal dispute” with a man not identified in an arrest affidavit. At one point, Kochera “threw a burrito at this subject.”

But the airborne burrito did not strike the man with whom Kochera quarreled. Instead, the Mexican delicacy “hit the victim in the face.” The affidavit does not indicate whether the victim was injured by the burrito.

Kochera departed the restaurant before cops arrived. But she “remained nearby and was not cooperative with deputies.”

Seen above, Kochera was charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail. She bonded out of custody early Thursday morning after posting $250 bond.

Kochera’s LinkedIn profile lists her as a “financial advisor” with a financial services company in the Tampa Bay area.

Kochera was arrested last month for allegedly punching her 66-year-old boyfriend in the face during an argument in their residence. The victim, cops reported, had “a red mark over his right eye consistent with a closed fist punch.”

Prosecutors subsequently declined to pursue a domestic battery case against Kochera, a decision that came two weeks after Kochera’s beau requested that the misdemeanor count be dropped and a judicial “no contact” order against Kochera order be eased. (1 page)